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Default Re: 6 Reasons Why “Touch Not the Anointed” Verses Are Not for Pastors

The relevant NT verses as far as I can see are:

1. Do not receive an accusation against an elder except by 2 or 3 witnesses.

(much study has been done on this by forensic science and the reliability of 1 witness is less than 50%, once you have 2 it is more than 50%, and once you have 3 you over 80%). We have also learned that physical evidence is a very powerful witness, much more reliable than eyewitness.

2. You all have an anointing. The idea that some members in the church have a "special" anointing is a distorted view of the significance of the "laying on of hands". When you lay hands on someone you are testifying on their behalf, it is similar to being hired for a job.

3. Speaking the truth in love -- This indicates that there will be disputes, disagreements, errors made by all and when you deal with these you need to speak the truth, but it should be done in love.

4. The example of Paul rebuking Peter before all because he was condemned.

5. Peter testifying of Paul in his epistle. That is his "laying on of hands" onto Paul.

6. Paul's dealing with Apollos error.

7. Paul's epistle to Philemon.
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