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Default Re: Greetings from a current LC member

Yes, I still meet in the LC. I was cautious about clarifying that as I am still sorting out my thoughts regarding it. I still have close family members that have been there for many years. My experiences haven't been so negative as others have described. I used to believe that only with Lee's ministry would I go on with the Lord, but I have seen this is not so.
A lot depends on what locality you're in. There has not been any major uproars I'm aware of since 2006. The emphasis is still on being with the LSM publishing of all of Lee's ministry and direction. That means trainings, conferences, FTTS, HWFMR, etc.
which is all about his ministry.
I've concluded that the situation of the church (all believers) is as described in Revelations 2 and that we somehow have to follow the Lord to acquire what He says is overcoming. The Lord allows the conditions in Rev 7 to continue to the end of the age.
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