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Default Re: Nothing new at the FBI/CIA

Originally Posted by awareness View Post
The Mueller report clearly shows obstruction. And Trump is still at it. With all his law suits to stop any investigation of his taxes -- breaking a law -- and banking records, he's obstructing because he obviously has something to hide.

But Jesus said it would be shouted from the rooftops.
If there was "clear" obstruction, they would have arrested Trump for a crime. Instead Muller got to write a dishonest smear report where none of his claims were challenged by Trump in a legal proceeding. Trump had no defense, nor chance to cross-examine. It's too bad you guys never heard of something called "due process."

The Dems used Romney's taxes to smear him, and Obama won a second term. It has nothing to do with breaking laws, because the IRS surely has access to all of Trump's tax info. It's all politics. These people have no principles. They would even use Barron's allowance to smear his dad. Look what the iRS did to the Tea Party.

How does the Trump Admin "obstruct justice" when there was no underlying crime? Look at how they framed Mike Flynn. When did Muller know that there was no collusion? Why did he drag out the investigation thru the mid-term elections in order to affect the elections? Did not Muller do more to interfere with our democratic process than the Russians? Why did the Obama Admin do nothing when the Russians hacked the DNC?

Just watch the next few months. Several investigations will be concluding. Criminal referrals have been made to the DOJ. Hidden things WILL be shouted from the housetops, and it won't be Trumps' business transactions from the last century.
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