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Default Re: Politics and the Church

Originally Posted by awareness View Post
Then I guess you are happy that we have made Israel one of the most powerful nations in the world, even letting them have nukes.
Happy? False conclusion. As usual.

I long for the day coming soon when all nukes will be gone, eliminated by the King of kings.
No, before the British Mandate the Palestinians were there for 900 years. More than once I've showed the maps of Israel taking more and more land since 1948. As I stated, they follow their Torah to claim the land, but ignore the Torah when it says love God and your neighbor.
The Palestinian Muslams stole the land of Israel by slaughtering her original inhabitants. They even build their Mosques on the ruins of her Temple.

Sorry bro, but you never seem to mention all the good that Israel does for the Palestinians. You ought to read those stories too. But you won't find these stories in your British rags, like Daily Mail.

Since you don't like the way Jacksonian Democrats drove Native Indians from their lands, you should be doubly upset with what these Muslams did to the original inhabitants of Judea and Jerusalem.
There's not one bad side and one good side. Both sides have both. If all 1.2 billion Muslims were bad we, and Israel, would be in big trouble. Not all Muslims are bad, and not all Jews are good ... and neither are all Christians, so called.
If I break into your house and attack you, and you then beat me up, are we now both bad?

Ever hear of something called the right of self-defense?
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