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Default Re: Politics and the Church

Originally Posted by awareness View Post
Yeah, love your neighbor. Trap them in in Gaza, and pluck them off at will, even killing children. That's the way to treat them neighborly.

That's not propaganda. And by the way, you prove my point. Say something for the Palestinians and you are against Israel. I don't know, but, you must be a Christian Zionist.

And I'm for both the Palestinians and Israel. There's wrong on both sides, but who has the overwhelming power? and who is the underdog?
It's Israel who is trapped behind walls. Walls they had to build to keep murdering animals out. But the walls have doors for good people.

The Palestinians are connected to 2 Billion Muslims who hate Israel, and who have vowed to exterminate them all. The U.N. is filled with Muslam countries, and is very anti-Israel. So I would say that Muslams have all the power. Israel is just a spec on the map surrounded by a sea of enemies.

Palestine belongs to Israel because they had it for thousands of years. The Gaza Muslams are occupying their land just as Istanbul Muslams are occupying Constantinople in Asia Minor, the long-time center of Orthodox Christianity. Today Muslams are illegally occupying all the Bible lands once owned by Christians. They stole the lands and murdered its occupants. Case in point was the Turkish genocide of Armenia, the first Christian country.

The real truth is that Muslams have long been eliminating Jews and Christians all over the Mideast, Africa, and Asia. They are a slaughtering people, forcing their captives to convert or be killed. These murders regularly occur in Egypt, Pakistan, Syria, Nigeria, Indonesia, etc. Nearly every Muslam country murders Jews and Christians. Their only hope is to trust in God.

I would suggest you read a little world history before you make naive comments on this forum. Skip the propaganda sections in the MSM.
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