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Default Re: Favorite Hymns Of Mine

I was reading back through this thread and noted that at one point I started talking about "How Great Thou Are" when I obviously meant "Great is thy Faithfulness.

But I was also thinking about the other thing that is becoming larger in my thoughts lately . . . .

There are a lot of good Christian songs of all kinds. But not all are worship songs in the sense of corporate worship. Yet there is a tendency in some circles to not differentiate.

When it comes to worship time, it is mostly about Him. Less about me. Even less about the church. Not saying I disappear entirely. But much less.

That Sara Groves song that I mentioned in those earlier emails is not really corporate worship music. As special music (choir or solo, maybe), but not general congregational singing. But I still like it.

Oddly, I place "10,000 Reasons" somewhere near the break between regular worship and all other good Christian songs. The "story" seems to revolve around "me" but only in that it describes God as being the center of everything. So "bless the Lord, Oh my soul" is really solid.

Of course, to include the gospel, there is an aspect in which "I" the sinner will always be a part.

But I have less "good feeling" toward the pining for glory songs. And "I'll Fly Away" types. To much about me and my woes. I've got them. But that does not mean that songs of the life to come or mourning over loss are verboten. But they have specific places (in my worship-ology).

And I fail to mention that songs that are truly prayers are generally good (if they are generally good, if you get my drift). Doesn't matter how "me" or "we" those get. How much we need a good "Lord have mercy on me" in song or in prayer (or both combined).

. . . . .


If I am not repeating myself (and if I am not repeating myself (and . . .)) there is a pretty good song recently by Mercy Me. Overall a great song. But there is one thing that really bugs me. The chorus effectively says "greater is the one living inside of me than he who is living in the world." Absolutely great. But then they stop and sing "In the woooorrrrld" all drawn out two or three times before repeating the whole phrase again.

And it is so upbeat.

Why does "in the world" get emphasized so strongly in a "makes you wanna dance" kind of upbeat way? I think they messed up (IMHO).

. . . . .

OK. Back to my ramblings.

While style is partly a matter of taste and partly a matter of what fits the lyrics, I have tended toward more a more contemplative feel lately. There are surely times to be bombastic. But even those can sometimes be turned down. And slowed down. Give us some more time and less distraction as we consider what we are singing.

(I notice that no one is asking me to be worship leader anywhere.)
I once thought I was. . . . but I may have been mistaken Edge (with apologies)
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