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Default Re: Favorite hymns of mine

Sing. Let us sing, to the glory of the King!
Lift that Name High - Margaret E. Barber
Lift The Name Highlands Worship

The first is one of my all time favorite hymns. I found the second while searching the internet for it.

Both are great songs, that agree on who our songs should glorify... Jesus

They present an interesting contrast in presentation styles and highlight the Living Stream Ministry's and Witness Lee's aversion to "worldly music". I recall that was one of his main concerns about spiritual music.

Given the Bible's clear warnings about not loving the world, and friendship with the world being enmity with God, I understand the concern.

I did a Bible word search on the word "world" and find the main concerns about the world being:

a) wisdom of men that exalt themselves and their thinking above God's
b) material possessions becoming what we live for and rely on versus God
c) lust of the flesh
d) reliance on doing the law versus the Spirit by faith
e) lust of the eyes
f) pride of life

Are any of these in either song? No
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