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Default Re: The Ministry Becomes the Lampstand

Originally Posted by Terry View Post
Can you elaborate on the time frame when this occurred?
Let me give you another example before Daystar. A family was "burdened" to migrate from LA for the "Lord's move" to a major city. The brother immediately became an elder in his new locale. That's the front end of things. The real backstage story is that he had an affair with a brother's wife in LA and they wanted to separate them with distance. So Witness Lee told him to move. Now in this instance I don't expect them to make the true story public but neither do they need to make up a fake "spiritual" version nor do they have to make him an elder.

Another example is a major migration that took place under the guise of "the Lord's move" etc. About half the church moved to another place. The actually real backstage story was that some of the elders couldn't get along with a certain elder so instead of starting a church down the street (not allowed per ground of locality doctrine) they manufactured a "spiritual" story and moved to another city because they were "burdened by the Lord" to move for his testimony on the earth, etc. The elders that could get along stayed to run their church and the rest left to run their new church with 1/2 of the brothers and sisters in tow. This was the solution Witness Lee came up with and the story to go along with it.
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