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Default Re: The Ministry Becomes the Lampstand

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
You have also "moved offline" into the garbage can a good number of my own posts which were in defense of (the original poster) Steve Isitts' quote from Don Rutledge's own history of events which occurred in Anaheim in early 1974. I have long felt that these events surrounding that first elders and workers conference are crucial to the accurate understanding of the history of the Recovery in the US.
Igzy wasn't the one who moved our recent back-and-forth, I was. We were talking past each other, and you simply refused to address what I posted. This makes for really bad reading for all concerned. Nevertheless I have restored the posts in question. You're welcome to come back and pick up where we left off, but I must insist that you actually read and react to what I posted...Not what you THINK I MEANT by what I posted. I don't mind you reading between the lines per se, I just wish you wouldn't make that the central point of your retort.

It is more than obvious that the moderators view things differently from me and, of course, that is their prerogative. Personally, however, I can find no good way to reconcile the present attitude of the moderators with my own views. What just happened on this thread is a repeat of last months' events, which concluded with unanswered private messages, more deleted posts, and the departure of another poster which I have long appreciated.
I doubt that you ever will be able to reconcile one person's attitude with your personal views. We are not robots. Each of us has an attitude and each of us has a certain viewpoint. When we were in the Local Church there was only one attitude and only one viewpoint allowed. This is why we didn't see a lot of "conflict" in the LC. But this was a kind of artificial harmony. It was a forced "oneness". Now that we are out here in the real world so to speak, we find ourselves a little unsettled and confused on how to conduct a reasonable dialog regarding all that we saw and experienced. We all need to exercise a little bit of understanding and grace. Sorry if Igzy and I have fallen short here. We're going through the same process as everyone else!

To prevent further conflicts, I would like to wish you all a pleasant farewell. This forum, with its many members, has provided me with immense help in my own journey since leaving the Recovery. I came here 7 years ago needing to know "how could something so good become so bad," and all my questions were answered.
I think I already addressed your concern about "how could something so good become so bad" in my last post. However I don't think all your questions have been answered, and that is understandable. I do think you may be short circuiting the process by leaving the only place that you can enter into dialog. Of course this will at least have the side benefit of preventing further conflicts.
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