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Default Re: WL did not match Paul - Who has?

Originally Posted by Terry View Post
When you mention the phrase teaching differently. The issue ought to be "not teaching differently" from Witness Lee's ministry, but "not teaching differently" from the Bible.
Exactly! But what Benson Phillips, Ray Graver etc started to do more vocally in the 1980s was to apply those words to Witness Lee.

With the so-called New Way came an added requirement: you are not allowed to teach differently from Witness Lee and now you are not allowed to practice differently from Witness Lee. My way or the highway!

The problem the Anaheim Politburo have with Titus Chu is not really about teachings it's about practices i.e. ways of doing things. In their "official" capacity as Witness Lee's collective apostolic successor they expect Titus Chu to fall in line or get out. Chu of course expects the same of those in the Midwest towards him. What he rightly won't give to the Anaheim Politburo he expects others to give him.
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