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Default Re: "All the Sweet Feeling is Lost"

Originally Posted by Igzy View Post
What must become clear is there is a more fundamental error at work--and that is this whole exercise of becoming obsessed with one man and his vision, or even thinking it is an important issue.

Anyone who thinks Witness Lee or anyone else has a corner on God's vision is already deceived and imbalanced, because in very principle the idea is wrong.
I agree wholeheartedly with this assessment. The fundamental error of the LC system is not a miscommunicated doctrine here or there or even a false teaching here or there or a weird practice or certain negative events in their history. These issues are problematic but subsequent to the fundamental error of Witness Lee being the MOTA, apostle, one oracle, etc. Why? Because once this idea is accepted then anything subsequent that comes forth from that source cannot be questioned and challenged and if need be corrected. It is from this kind of error that a teaching like: "Follow Witness Lee blindly; even if he's wrong he's right" can gain currency, become widespread and ultimately be accepted.

If this error is ever discarded as the folly that it is within the LC system then and only then will they be able to take off their Witness Lee rose colored glasses and assess his work with any semblance of objectivity.
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