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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by Raptor View Post
The following is in reference to a recent post from Jo Casteel on her FB letter. She writes about a LSM video that came out announcing a monthly subscription to a "new" publication: "Ministry Digest". Please take note of the following definition of the "job" of an elder that is slipped in...(and then run the other way.)

To be an elder is actually very easy. Its very simple. We have one job: bring the ministry to the saints and bring the saints to the ministry. That solves all the problems in the church and it solves all the saints problems.
So an elder's job is very easy, you are a salesman for LSM. Sell the ministry, that is it.

Those not familiar with the LC may confuse "bring the saints to the ministry" with Paul's word that an elder should be counted as double honor who is able to minister the word. But our experience has shown they are not interested in elders who can minister the word, that is the fast track to becoming a target of LSM. No, "bring the saints to the ministry" simply means be a good salesman of LSM materials.
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