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Default Re: The Church in Fullerton Elders have announced a sexual predator's sin

Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
Facebook posting by Jo Casteel June 25th 2019

From a saint in the church in Fullerton,
ďThe elders in the church in Fullerton announced a sexual predators sin in the meeting last lordís day. There were 12 accusations against him and they waited 6 years to expose him. I think your Facebook post helped to get it done.Ē

THIS. THIS IS WHY IíM SPEAKING UP. After releasing my letter I have had report after report coming in from saints from all over regarding hidden abuses.

I have had to be in touch with the police due to learning so many coverups in the Lordís recovery. Some are from years ago, some are current. I have learned of more cases of assault on sisters than I would ever want to know. Itís been horrible having stories flooding in from the many abuses.
30 years ago, THE LORD sent men of God from around the globe to Witness Lee decrying the abuses and sexual immorality at LSM. They were gifted leaders from SoCal, Europe, Texas, Africa, Northeast, Southeast and personal co-workers with WL. Their accounts of events have filled this LCD Forum. Witness Lee discarded them all as trash, accused them of being vile lepers orchestrating a global rebellion -- all to protect his degenerate son Philip and his own growing empire.

15 years ago, THE LORD sent Lee's perhaps most gifted student Titus Chu to the Blendeds, using pages of quotes from Nee's and Lee's own writings. TC, highly respected in both the US and SE Asia, attempted to bring much needed reforms in the Recovery to leaders at LSM who had totally lost their way. They held a Kangaroo Court at their Whistler Resort ITERO in absentia accusing him of all sorts of non-biblical "heresies," like wanting clean sheets in Thailand. Since then every brother or sister protesting LSM's actions has also been thrown under the bus.

Today, these sins and crimes, past and present, have long been covered by Recovery leaders, while they punish the victims for speaking up. Abusers, molesters, and enablers are protected from accountability by numerous false teachings, dozens of legal threats by the DCP staff, and their horrendous bully pulpit. But times have changed. We have passed thru the #MeToo era, and have their most feared enemy -- the internet. Since the Recovery leadership will not listen to any of those THE LORD sends to them, they must be treated as Gentiles. Victims should call the police, and not their elders.

THE LORD hates evil shepherds that hurt His children. The Bible is filled with His attitudes about them. Recovery leaders have rejected every Prophet which THE LORD has sent to them. Has He not judged Israel for killing the prophets He sent to them. Maybe they will listen to the Police. Perhaps the Press.
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