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Default Re: The Church in Fullerton Elders have announced a sexual predator's sin

Originally Posted by awareness View Post
My question to Jo is, what took you so long to catch on?
Harold !!
Brainwashing, control, manipulation, fear are very strong strongholds. I commend her boldness, courage, and strength that came from ALMIGHTY GOD. It is much easier for a newbie in the LSM or an insignificant person in the LSM to walk out.

It is much much harder and YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS that those who were raised in the LSM, who have family and loved ones, friends and 'comfort' in the LSM due to their treatment because the way they are towing the line, etc to leave the LSM even though they see troubling situations. If you did not watch CHERNOBYL, it was an eye opener how brainwashed people were/are. They never questioned what they were told to do. If they did, they suffered the consequences.

In this case, she and the precious people in the LSM were/are bound by the lying teachers under Lee. It is just as common a problem in the RCC, in denominations, in the Mormon church, the JW, the diehard democrats, the diehard republicans... any group.

It is also a fact many people are controlled by their own opinions
. I know several people who try to control conversations by stating vehemently their own opinions making it difficult for people to converse with them and consequently these opinionated people right or wrong in their views drive people away from them. I myself have been guilty of being controlled by my own opinions.

My spiritual life has been a work in progress but the more I commune with Christ and His Holy Spirit through reading, studying and praying, the more the LORD is helping me to express myself in spirit and in truth. I am still a work in progress but at least I am striving to be attentive to the SPIRIT living and operating in me. Just saying.
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.
(Luke 21:36)
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