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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by Jo S View Post
It is and it isn't. It depends how you define the word "Lord".

In Old Testament times, the Jews were constantly being seduced by foreign gods. One example of this is when Queen Jezebel introduced the false Canaanite god "Baal" into Jewish culture.

"Baal" literally translates into the word "Lord".

For the Jews, it was like a frog in boiling water. Slowly the bait and switch took place and before they knew it, they were worshipping the wrong "Lord". Yet I imagine they were still using the same terminology in worship.

Christians aren't immune to this. Many praise the Lord Jesus with their lips but their hearts are far away from him because they are worshipping the wrong "Lord".

So is the Lord's Recovery the Lord's Recovery? Well, yes and no.

Test all things!
I hadn't thought of it that way. I can see how the Lord's Recovery is a empty claim, meant to lead the saints with a non-lord Lord.

If they were honest they'd call it Witness Lee's Recovery. After all, in 1994 Lee admitted that most of what he did for 32 yrs in America was by his natural man. As far as I was concerned by that time he didn't have to tell me that. I saw then, and now see, that just about all of the official line local church is natural man driven.

Years ago I saw that clearly when I discovered the elders were seeding the meetings, thereby subverting the Holy Spirit. It then took on the appearance of a cult to me. But I was only seeing the tip of iceberg at that time.

In truth, the whole official-line local church, the whole kit and caboodle, is natural man driven.

That's not to say that the saints didn't/don't touch the Lord in there, but they are following another guide than the Lord ... and the guide is Witness Lee.

So properly, it's a Witness Lees' Recovery.
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