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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by awareness View Post
LOL Jo S. But at least Nietzsche went mad. While Lee ended as the MOTA, and created the Blended Brothers to carry on the MOTA's legacy.

In that case, I'll go with crazy before that. Cuz it almost drove me as crazy as Nietzsche went.
I feel your pain, Awareness. I've seen the effects in the members that I come to know.

According to Isaiah 53, there wasn't anything impressive about Jesus that would draw people to him.

The Local Churches however sold a mystical, subjective, corporate, high-peak truth Jesus. While this Jesus on the surface looked impressive it unfortunately wasn't the Jesus of scripture.

When you were told, "you just need more Jesus" to heal, they weren't necessarily lying but they were deceived.

So now many who leave "the recovery" when they hear those same words react negatively and turn to other means of healing. In God's mercy He can still use those means however we should still to our best ability strive to set our sights on Christ in all things.
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