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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by Jo S View Post
Separating "religion" from Christ is another thing hyper-spiritualists or mystics will do.

Religion isn't bad in and of itself. Religion is just a framework for worship.

There's false religion (Judges 3:7) and then there's a "pure religion' (Jn 1:27) Christians should adhere to.

Religion in itself is benign. Lee made it the bogey man, thus designing the foil by which he could condemn all others, and then claim his work alone was not religion. Lee adamantly proclaimed the recovery to be the "move" of God, and not a "movement" of man. It was a factoid. Spoken regularly until we all believed it.

Neither Jesus nor the Apostles ever condemned religion. Jesus rather condemned hypocrisy, especially when the Pharisees used their traditions to make void the word of God, and prevented people from coming to Him. Sounds real familiar folks.
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