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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by Jo S View Post
Peter took a bold and forceful stance against injustice. To Peter his actions in protecting Jesus from harm appeared to be righteous and just but because he was more concerned about the things of men rather than the things of God, Jesus rebuked him.

Witness Lee, from the comfort of a podium, took a bold stance against the "enemies" of Christendom, the Catholic church and the denominations. I suppose that too appeared to be impressive and right in the sight of many at the time. But look where it took the LC's in the end...

Christ said in Matthew that lawlessness will abound. He also commands us to "let the evildoer continue to do evil, and the filthy continue to be filthy" in Rev 22:11. Is this too bunker mentality or is this scripture that needs to be rightly divided?

As to Paul, he didn't so much stand up to the bullies as he did standing up for the gospel. He even explained to us how to do this in Romans 12:19-21.
Let me address this as well, because this is an important point and distinction.

Christ said lawlessness will abound. He never said ignore it or be indifferent about it. Note that he also said, "The poor you will always have with you." But he didn't mean don't worry about helping the poor. (Come to think of it, that's what the LR believed, Jo.)

As to the verses in Revelation 22, that is talking about after the final judgement. It is saying at that time there is no more opportunity to change the course of your life, that all decisions have been made and all destinies are set. If you made your bed with evil, that's where you'll sleep for eternity. If good, then you get that.

It isn't saying, as Jo seems to think, that we should be indifferent or blase about evil in the world. That is actually backwards. If the Church doesn't resist evil, who will? If the Church doesn't pray and take holy action about evil, who will? No, no, no! We are the representatives of God and were given dominion over the earth. It is precisely our responsibility to stand up to evil, in any form--in prayer, in speaking, in various mission works. Yes, the gospel is at the center of our purpose. But the gospel is about setting captives free and righteousness reigning.

The LR was completely backwards on this. They sat in their ivory tower and looked coldly out at the world and said, "Who cares? We are too spiritual to need to care." How is the kingdom supposed to come with that attitude?

Jesus mentioned the Church only twice. He mentioned it in the universal sense (Matt 16) and the local sense (Matt 18). But when he mentioned it in the local sense he didn't talk about worship, gospel preaching, teaching, service or sitting around talking about high peak truths. He said the church is the place you go to get JUSTICE (Matt 18:15-17). Now, isn't that interesting? So, if the Church is the expression of God then he was saying that to express God is to value, seek and provide justice. And justice practically by definition includes dealing with the unjust, even Matthew 18 implies that.

The LR, let me say again, had all this completely wrong. They had no interest in being involved in seeking justice. But if you read the Old Testament, God commands his people again and again to right wrongs, seek justice and stand up for the oppressed. It is part of our commission. I'm not talking about doing things in the flesh, but rather resisting and exposing evildoers of all kinds, ESPECIALLY BULLIES, BECAUSE IT IS BULLIES THAT OPPRESS. Like I said, if God's ambassadors don't lead the charge, who will? The atheists?

Yes, Lee condemned Christianity, and that was wrong. But was Lee seeking justice? Was he ministering to the oppressed? Was he standing up to bullies? No. He was just pushing his brand. You have to see the difference. The Bible says we will judge angels. If you can't see the difference between a bully and someone who stands up to one then I'm not sure what to say except pray more about it.

We cannot right all wrongs, just like we cannot feed every hungry person. But that's doesn't mean we shouldn't do what we can. Like I said, if God's people don't step up, who will?

Sometimes I think some Christians actual want the world to get worse, so that Christ will come back and take them away from it all. People with that attitude may be in for a shock.
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