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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by Jo S View Post
It's so easy to get caught up in the trap of continuously focusing on and exposing the darkness that we too risk falling into sin and become entrapped in a perpetual cycle of vengefullness and hatred toward those who have caused us harm. Unfortunately abusive and oppressive religious groups won't be going away anytime soon, save the Lord returns.
Jo, Standing up to bullies is not the same thing as being vengeful. The Bible tells us again and again to seek justice for the oppressed.

I've honestly been appalled over the years that more former leaders and people in the know have not had the courage to speak out about this group. If not them then who?

The answer is not to be timid, but to do all things prayerfully.

The only thing required for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.

And "evil will only increase?" That's LR bunker mentality.

Absolutely we should pray for the victims. But how do you think the Lord answers prayer? One way is through the intervention of those with the courage to intervene.

I understand not wanting fleshly fighting. But Paul wasn't always pleasant in his defense of God's church. The Lord is jealous for his people.
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