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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by Nell View Post
So here’s my question. With all the FB and LCDiscussions publicity, et al, with the Casteel Open Letter, what is the impact? Is what’s happening “new”? Is this the beginning of a mass exodus that has been on the verge for a long time, or at least an accelerated downward spiral of LC/LSM membership? Did the LC on FB amount to its opening the door to open commentary on the Internet that they had/have been trying to keep shut for years? Is it too soon to call? Wait and see?

Based on the history of the Exclusive Brethren, Recovery watchmen will merely double down on their expulsions and apocalyptic reminders of God's pending "judgments" upon all opinionated ones. Did you see that brother in Tennessee on the Casteel fb who was quarantined just 6 months ago? He had his 20 year pin. Quarantines no longer require directives from headquarters, but local elders will begin cutting off all undesirable members in order to "protect the body from further damage." Perhaps the pending Summer Training will have an afternoon workshop with Minoru Chen: "The god-ordained organic way to protect the body of Christ from satanic attacks on the internet." Dangerous members, who's only failure will be to ask for accountability or reform, will be like a cancer tumor surgically removed.

Is that what also happened to brother Dan Towle? Now if a well-respected Blended like Towle emerges with a revelatory public statement, that might precipitate the next "storm." The LSM/DCP wordsmiths will have to update their afaithfulword site to include him. Has anyone noticed that their writers never sign their names to anything? To give the impresssion that WL still speaks from the grave?
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