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Default Re: Casteel Open Letter

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
Do you mean that the Daystar Motor Home Story Book never made it into their peer-reviewed scholarly journal, Affirmation and Critique?
King David's flaws made it into the official record book. So did Peter's, in the NT.

People make mistakes.

Why make a career pointing out problems with "poor" and "deformed" Christianity, when one's own are covered in silence?

Then using a biased, self-selective historical record, they'll push people to commit to the group, which (they say) is God's heart's desire. This decision is supposedly akin to consecrating oneself to God, becoming a disciple, an overcomer, joining the "army of God" and the "bride of Christ". Yet such a life-altering commitment gets made without information, which has been deliberately withheld. Does that seem ethical to you?

The now-committed members, who are "sold out" and "wrecked" for the cause, eventually sense that something is suboptimal (being dunned for yet more $$, being told that growth is flat, that churches are lukewarm etc), but because of the constant programming to "be one" they don't speak up for fear of being "negative". Critical examination and correction are forbidden. The un-remarked errors continue, occasionally snow-balling like with the Philip Lee situation(s).

We all have bias, self-interest, and "individualistic thought", to quote a recent LSM conference banner... but creating an organization that institutionalizes this selfishness, deliberately hiding historical information, covering it with double-speak, along with brow-beating young college students who are often teenagers, and who even are school-aged children into committment, whence their ability to choose rationally will be further compromised - sorry, "restricted" is the official word - is not ethical.

Jesus alone was holy, righteous, and pure. This kind of organization doesn't represent him, no matter how many times they point out others' failures, or hide behind words like "body" and "proper" and "reality". They'd be better to use words like "hive mind" which would more accurately describe what's happening here.

These are their unethical recruiting methods: start with Jesus, then once they're caught switch focus to the "body" which in turn becomes a publishing and book-selling venture, the "ministry", which itself fronts a fallible human being, the "Deputy God", and his lackeys. But don't reveal the m.o. or recruiting will fall off, along with book and poster sales. Because who'd knowingly enter such a process?

So Daystar Motorhome Corporation isn't part of the official narrative, sorry. It's all about loving Jesus!
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