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Default Re: Casteel Open Letter

Originally Posted by Nell View Post
We can see what happens on FB, but I don't see anyone saying the Casteels are misrepresenting the truth, misrepresenting the ministry of Witness Lee, misrepresenting what's going on in the LC's. Their only response seems to be personal attacks of the "sit down and shut up" type. It's likely this is the only case they can make because they all know something of the truth of the Casteel Open Letter.

I keep reading this Casteel Open Letter every 2-3 days. Every time I read it, I find something I missed the first 3 times!
One thing that I have felt was a useful perspective in the letter was the idea of informed consent. If someone is going to make a decision about their care, then they need to be informed of the various types of treatments and the costs, benefits, and risks of each.

Suppose a doctor had a financial connection to one type of medication, and therefore hid information about other options, or tried to minimize side effects and risks. Would that be ethical?

And yet look how much hiding goes on in the LC.

1. They hide their affiliation with LSM. "Oh, we are just lovers of Jesus".

2. They hide history. Many have passed decades in the LC, never having heard of the Daystar Motorhome Corporation or the huge negative effect it had on church morale.

3. Bias is sown liberally in all accounts. If anyone tries to critique the LSM that is an "attack" but if LSM points out flaws of others that's fine.
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