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Jo Casteel's story, along with hundreds of others, shows us that it is the word of God and His Spirit in our conscience which alone safeguard the child of God. The Casteel's will probably lose their church social life, much like the Jewish believers during Jesus' time were cast out of the Synagogue, but is that not the cost of freedom? .
Yes, all those pressures come to bear on you. Mental, emotional, social, identity, false condemnation. And the only thing that fights against them is that deep sense inside that the whole thing is not required by God. Yet the voices still attack. Satan above all does not care for reason, he only cares to deceive.

Eventually I had to pray, "Lord, I don't care about the LR! I think it's a bunch of crap! If it's the best you've got you can have it! If you want me there you'd better grab me by the scruff of my neck and drag me there, because I'm not going on my own!"

The Lord gently smiled and said, "Now you're beginning to understand."
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