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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by Raptor View Post
In other words, does this open FB post with so many saints supporting and confirming with their own experiences seem like something really big is happening and gaining momentum, like the cat is really out of the bag now, or maybe just not yet?
No one can know for sure. But when these kinds of things break, they can move very quickly. Remember the Soviet Union? They kept up the charade and damage control as long as possible. But eventually a critical mass of citizens realized that the Party was wearing no clothes, and it all fell apart.

The wounded Titanic sat slanted in the water for hours, seemingly stabilized, until it suddenly went vertical and plunged to the ocean floor

I believe that's the way it will happen in the LR. Many will finally just get sick of the Blendeds and their clueless BS, realize they aren't wearing any clothes, and stop fearing them. The Internet will play a big role. Members that people know and respect will speak out and make a move. More will be emboldened. The critical mass will be reached.

The human spirit will win out. We were made to yearn for freedom and to chafe under oppression. Eventually enough is enough and the worm turns. That's the Minsky Moment.
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