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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by aron View Post
This was just posted on the FB page:

Dear ones, I had a deep realization this morning how we need to pray for what the Lord is doing in this days (now that He is answering the prayer of 1,000's of former members praying for the rest of us for decades) How much more freeing does the Lord want to do NOW?! Let us be faithful to intercede for the many more needing deliverance. And just one more thing: 'TIS MERCY ALL- IMMENSE AND FREE THAT GOD DELIVERED ME FROM HIS "RECOVERY". I love HIM and I love you all.
I will offer a prayer here:
Dear Father,

You love all your children and have a wonderful plan for them. Because Satan, your and our invisible enemy, is so desperate, he will devise any kind of trap, using any means necessary, to stop it. He will even distort your truth to ensnare your people in a system which falsely claims to be your "best."

Father, I pray against this. I pray you fully expose the devil's deception employed in the system called "the Lord's Recovery." I pray that you protect, free and heal your precious children who have been trapped and held by its systematized error of half-truths, complete lies, false threats and fear-mongering.

Father, you never condemn, but you often correct. Condemnation is vague and full of hopelessness. Correction is specific and full of hope. Condemnation is of the devil. The despair Joanna has faced was 100% not of you, but 100% of the devil. It was not caused by her resisting the truth, but by Satan's terror that she would discover the truth. So Father, I pray in your Son's name that you would send a squadron of angels to protect her and her family. I pray she would have the courage and resolve of a lion to stand against the deceiver. May she overflow with grace, love, faith and hope. Lead her into solid, healthy fellowship. Protect her from temptation. Keep her and her family safe. Do this for all those who are leaving that movement.

I pray, Father, for all the LR people to be set free. I pray that the leadership would fall on their faces in correction, repentance and sorrow. The dam is now leaking. The cracks in it are spreading. May it soon collapse, and may the system of lies and imprisonment it holds up drain into hell where it belongs.

Father, protect your children whom you love. In your Son Jesus' name I pray. Amen.
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