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Default Re: How Much To Throw Out?

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I have seen a good amount of propaganda about this on Facebook, not particular to the Syrian refugees, but to Germany. Apparently the Lord is "recovering" his testimony in Stuttgart. From these forums I discovered that the local church in Stuttgart basically dissipated in the late 80's. Here they are 30 years later, barely starting again from square one, and leaders are using what little is actually happening as some sort of "proof" that the Lord is "moving".
It is about refugees. There was a giant push for this during the recent Winter Training. You can track their effort here:

In the LC, the current interpretation of recent events is that the massive influx of Middle Eastern refugees is to accelerate the "Lord's move to Europe." Last year, LC leaders responded by beginning translation work of LSM materials into Farsi and Arabic, starting German and Arabic language lessons at the FTTA, and sending teams of LC members to Germany to visit refugee centers beginning in January. The trips are still ongoing.
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