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Default Re: How Much To Throw Out?

Originally Posted by JJ View Post
Good points, Ohio. It doesn't say what the churches in the houses called themselves, does it? I only presume they were part of "the church" in their city. But, I still don't see where a church called itself something else other than the church in that city.
To be honest with you, JJ, I did not accept the teaching of "one church, one city" (OCOC) based on scriptural evidence alone, but on the supposed reputations of Nee and Lee provided to me by the brothers in the church in Cleveland, i.e. they were great men of God, raised up by the Lord to recover lost truths, including the oneness of the believers.

As soon as I learned about Lee's real character (in 2006, after serving in the LC's for 3 decades) surrounding the many "storms" in his ministry, I decided to examine all of his exclusive teachings, as the Bible says, "test all things, hold on to the good." (I Thess 5.21)

Brother John Myer of Columbus, in his monumental e-book A Future and a Hope, regarding leaving the LSM program, wrote the best line: "There is more support in the Bible for head covering than there is for the LC teaching of one church, one city."

Furthermore, regarding the teaching of OCOC, there has never been a Christian (not Brethren, not China, not Taiwan, not USA) group who have actually practiced this in a healthy way. Oneness is a reality that is a fruit of love. Nee and Lee's OCOC doctrine of oneness is based upon the condemnation of all Christians for their supposed "failures," not actually on God's love. How can that be any good? In fact, I believe distorted oneness (think "catholic" oneness, and the inquisitions of the dark ages) has been the most destructive heresy in church history. Millions of genuine children of God have died by the hands of its proponents.
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