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Default Re: How Much To Throw Out?

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Since we are on the topic of "good material," I just came across notes from an old message given by Chuck Debelek in Cleveland early 1999 shortly after he returned from Anaheim. Here's a few random points from my notes:
Romans 2.4 shows us the kindness of God leads to repentance. Our attitude and behavior towards others shows us how much we enjoy the Lord's love in kindness and longsuffering. What kind of God would love us as sinners (Rom 5.8) and then reject us as sons of God. Love, to every Christian, is indispensable.

God has ordained our family, parents, environment, etc. If God wanted us all the same, He would have created us that way. God is cultivating a unique relationship with each one of us that cannot be reproduced. Be careful about so-called "good material" or "bad material" which God has created to His own glory and placed in the body as He chooses.
Amen! He will have mercy upon whom He desires. It is for His own glory. The concept of good material is derived from a business model. LSM is a business. Their associated churches are business churches that support the business.
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