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Originally Posted by HERn View Post
A brother who attends our One Another Group has been hosting a group of Seventh Day Adventists in his home while they plant a new church in our city. The One Another Group meeting has been at his home several times and the SDA believers attend our group meeting. I've noticed a trend of the comments from the SDA to be in a teaching mode always pointing back to something in Leviticus or the Law. Last Thursday night after some SDA comments I pushed back and said that Christ was the fullfillment of the Law and that Christ had accomplished everything. The SDA sister pushed back and then I responded that Paul in Galations and the first church council had dealt with the issue of the Law and gentiles. On Saturday at a church workday I apologized to the brother for being rude to a guest in his home. He told me that the SDA sister had been leading them in bible study every morning and really knew the bible. I told him that we would not longer attend the group meeting at his house when she was there. Tonight at a group party I apologized to his wife. I then found out that this brother had been raised as a SDA. Anyway, this is our first "doctrinal issue" at our new church and I don't know if I should discuss it with one of the Pastors.
The LAW has always been a major confusion for Christians. Many Pentacostals are going back to celebrate Jewish holidays. The pastors cherry pick what they like from the OT, like tithing, in order to finance their programs. Most believers just dont understand that the O.T. wad not written to the church, but to Israel.

The O. T. is FOR us but not written TO us. The N. T. is written TO us.
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