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A while ago (when I showed some promise, I guess) I was invited to a regional "Brothers" meeting by an elder. At that time I was sporting a wanna-be handlebar stache. During a break in the men's room a brother asked if I was a serving one on campus or somehow thought I was working with college kids. I told him no. At lunch a couple of weeks after that I told the elder that I wanted to grow the biggest handlebar stache in the recovery! He laughted and told me some brother in the Midwest had me beat. I was joking and he did not take the bait...
That was refreshing. We used to wait to see how long it took the Lord?????? to "touch" someone so that they cut their hair, shaved off every bit of facial hair, parted their hair on the same side as WL, and put on the proper uniform. Then we would greet them praising the Lord for such a wonderful transformation. I went through this and looking back it had more to do with peer pressure than the Lord's direct speaking. Unfortunately this concept is taken to the extreme in the belief that getting the ministry "into" you will dispense God into you. They have a "processed God" who is metabolically changed just to transform you into God through WL's ministry. This is serious! These people actually believe this. If it were not for some of the genuine love songs produced by New York's young people , I could not be sure that any love was left for the Lord Himself in the LSM LC. And where is the growth in life? You go to the FTT with possibly some love for the Lord and come out with a big head and a little heart. This is NOT Christ nor is it becoming God any way you look at it. I have studied them for years and I do not see any growth in God's life at all. It's all about the ministry
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