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Default Re: Where Should I Meet If Not At The Local Church?

Originally Posted by Peter2020 View Post

I definitely shared the sentiment of feeling like Witness Lee/LSM/Local Church was the one and only, ideal “recovered” church and that others were pitiful and degraded because they are lacking in the divine, mystical, deep truths, therefore are missing the mark. I agree that has to do with their Laodicean pride, do you have a Bible you would recommend other than the Recovery version?

Yes, as I mentioned above my GF was Catholic as well as my family. My GF and I compromised and went to an evangelical, Presbyterian church because she did not want to meet with the Local Church. I have found the evangelical, Presbyterian church to be quite refreshing because of its focus on the word and its broader demographics. I do have friends who are Protestants and Catholics though I have only met Non-Denominational Christian in the Local Churches. What kind of church do you meet with?
Good for you. Personally I believe "compromise" is one of the basic ingredients for all loving relationships. We have met with numerous churches. My wife and I are still working on our "compromise" church.

The RecVers is mostly derived from the ASV 1901 Version, which was a vast improvement over the KJV. So when you read other versions in that "family" of translations, they will seem familiar. For example the NASB or the WEB (World English Bible), which I like.

It's also good to read other methods of translation to provide a fresh perspective. One church we visit uses the New KJV. Many use the NIV, which is a little more "readable." I also have the NLT. The NT editor Phil Comfort was the minister when I was in the LC in Columbus. I got saved reading a paraphrase version, "The Greatest is Love."

I would suggest going with the version your new church uses. Get a Bible for your GF too. Using the Recovery Version in public raises eyebrows at times, since others think you are recovering from an addiction.

As you can see, the more versions the better! And I never threw away any of my Rec Versions. There is no perfect version or translation. Any version (except for the obvious heretical ones like Watchtower) that you or your family will read is the BEST version.
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