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Default Re: Where Should I Meet If Not At The Local Church?

Hi all --

Sorry for the delay here, I really feel this blog is a “Recovery” from the Lord’s Recovery Movement and am thankful to receive so much support from you all. I do apologize in my delayed response, thanks for all for the insightful experiences, perspectives and wisdom.


I agree, it’s difficult to go “cold turkey” and let everything go when you agree with parts of the ministry or enjoy certain hymns, or practices. Also, good to know it is not possible – or as others say very rare to “cherry pick” the good things of Witness Lee/LSM/Local Church and leave out the rest. I am young, and will continue to seek the Lord even if its not with the Witness Lee/LSM/Local Church, I am not convinced they have all the answers even though they try to convince other they do. I was raised in the Catholic Church and I am not convinced of that being the only Church either despite my family, ex girlfriend and many friends being strong, practicing Catholics. On a side note, I did not meet very many Catholics who met with the Local Churches though I was baptized again in the Local Churches.
I’m encouraged to hear that I can find Christian all around. I have developed a certain judgment towards belittling other Christians,but will learn how to take a step back to not only think about the Recovery Bible/Witness Lee/LSM/Local Church. Thank you brother!
I will look for an evangelical Christian church and try to meet at least once a month, maybe more and continue to pray that I am led towards a place that preaches and mentors the genuine Gospel, worshipping in spirit and truthfulness.
Also, really appreciate you sharing the authors of John Piper, Timothy Keller, D.A. Carson and Ravi Zaharias with me, I will definitely check them out, thank you.
Amen brother, I am thankful to have others cheering me on. God bless you!


I definitely shared the sentiment of feeling like Witness Lee/LSM/Local Church was the one and only, ideal “recovered” church and that others were pitiful and degraded because they are lacking in the divine, mystical, deep truths, therefore are missing the mark. I agree that has to do with their Laodicean pride, do you have a Bible you would recommend other than the Recovery version?

Yes, as I mentioned above my GF was Catholic as well as my family. My GF and I compromised and went to an evangelical, Presbyterian church because she did not want to meet with the Local Church. I have found the evangelical, Presbyterian church to be quite refreshing because of its focus on the word and its broader demographics. I do have friends who are Protestants and Catholics though I have only met Non-Denominational Christian in the Local Churches. What kind of church do you meet with?

Sons to Glory--

That is very refreshing to hear about how the legalism is gone in the church you have been going to for the past 20+ years. I do enjoy the participatory gathering style though I haven’t heard of many types of churches with that format, have you? That’s great you have the freedom in Christ at the church you attend and are not limited to a single author from Witness Lee/LSM/Local Church. I meet in the Mid-Atlantic area of the US.
Really appreciate you sharing your experience of Christ and how it was hard to put off judgment of other believers and churches, I know it will take time for me to undo the judging of other Christians which I was taught in the Local Churches.
Thank you for letting me know you can enjoy other believers, rather than according to some method. Great encouragement!

Thank you for your background from the perspective of a Local Church member raised into adulthood. I will be on the lookout within the church that I am led to, great advice to know that wolves can rise up within any church at any time. Those are very strong words about “going through the valley of the shadow of death in the LC” and fascinating that you noticed all of the warnings of “false apostles, false prophets, wolves in the eldership, systems of error, winds of teaching, etc.” within the Local Churches
Also, great to know that it’s possible to relax a little! I kind of wondered about that with keeping up to date with the latest messages from Anaheim on the recovery. The tone of many messages I’ve heard sounds like “God's deputy authorities.”
Appreciate you sharing with me the BITE model as well as “The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse" and “Healing Spiritual Abuse," I will be sure to check those out. Being aware and not blind or naïve is definitely something I need to work on.

GREAT to know that Witness Lee is an all or nothing kinda guy. I always got that impression while reading him, but you saying that, growing up in the church, reinforces that idea. It sounds like Lee’s biggest sin was that he would discredit other ministers? Straining out the bad seems to exist but is very uncommon and takes a lot of work, but might exist in a few places around the country.

Haha I can very much relate to the participation of going around a circle and reading Lee what he had to say and repeating what he had to say was something I noticed. I often felt that what was coming out of my mouth was not really something I fully believed in, but what the Local Church group would approve of because it was related to the ministry.

You are right, now is a great time to be watching sermons online to see what’s out there as most churches have gone virtual in their format, that may be an effective way to seek out a God loving and knowing church. Also, thank you for giving me a heads up that it may be a rough journey as well, I did not think of that. Thank you brother!
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