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Default Re: Where Should I Meet If Not At The Local Church?

Originally Posted by Peter2020 View Post
I am a 28 year old male who attended Local Church for the past 7 years, I met them at the "Christians on Campus" while I was a student. I've been involved in various capacities, but then it gradually caused major divisions in my life, especially with my family and my girlfriend of 6 years who broke up with me, largely because of my involvement with the LC group.

I'm at a loss now, because I want to pursue the Lord and find a Church that is not as controlling as the LC but still allows members to be active in participation and "safe" from subtle brainwashing. I feel like Witness Lee had some very enlightening teachings, but the LC puts too much emphasis on him and discredits other teachers outside the LC ministry. I'm curious if there are Christian churches out there that draw from Witness Lee, but are not dependent on it for their sole ministry? Does anyone have any recommendations?
Welcome to the forum!

There are several former LC's which have split off, and I would consider them quite healthy. Besides them, the Lord has seekers every where.

But the bigger issue is your expectations. You were in the LC long enough to learn how to judge all other Christians, placing false standards on them. Inevitably any church you visit will cause those old criticisms to rise up in your heart. That happens to all of us. I am still a recovering "judgaholic" having left 15 years ago. WL and the Blendeds have trained us wrongly into thinking there is some ideal "recovered" church, and all others were "pitiful and degraded." Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing is perfect but Jesus our Lord. Actually their Laodicean pride has made them more degraded than most. This forum can be quite helpful to "purge out that old leaven" of errant LC teachings, and work thru many issues that may surface.

Assuming your GF was a Christian, where did she go to church? How about your family? Christian friends? It's usually easier to visit new churches when you know someone there.
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