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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post

The only group which represents the local church as a whole is Christians on campus. For this reason it is valid for them to be named as simply Christians. The moment the name "evangelical" or "Witness Lee" is added to the name, it becomes a denominational group.

In the minds of the local church members, there is no such thing as "the church of Witness Lee", or "the Local Church" (in capital letters), and "Living Stream Ministry" is the ministry and not the church. So by not naming the group as anything other than "Christians on campus" they are being true to their beliefs and therefore the claims of deception are unfounded. I do not believe that the local church members believe themselves to be part of a denomination called "the church of Witness Lee". For this reason you cannot claim deception.

If you pray to dead human beings like Mary or some apostles....then they are your idols.

If you pray to a wooden statue of long dead Buddah, then that is your idol.

If you divide from the body of Christ for not receiving Witness Lee as the oracle of god, the minister of the age, the apostle of the age, the one ministry.....then Witness Lee and Living Stream Ministry is your idol...whether or not you practice transparency and "name" your group after WL or not.
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