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Originally Posted by JJ View Post
Can anyone explain to me how Zech 12:1 shows the spirit of man as the center of the universe?
God on His throne is the only "center of the universe."

This is just another one of those "HyperboLee," and while certainly fine on the podium to make a point, it should not be elevated to the status of an actual teaching. But like so many other "Lee-isms," it was deemed to be "anointed from on high," and thus officially "recovered."

Thus we have every LC member gleefully singing,
"Oh I'm a man --
I'm the meaning of the universe;
"Yes, I'm a man --
I'm the meaning of the universe;
God made me such,
I am so much;
I'm the center and the meaning of the universe." (Hymns #1293)
Kind of like when they hits the streets after a meeting, "I am a baby god!!!"

Teachings like these highlight Lee's excessive view of himself, really.
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