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Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
What caught my eye the most was your quip: "One could even say the church was the center and meaning of the universe". As you may know, there is/was (at least at one time) a song/hymn in which the opening stanza was "O I’m a man — I’m the meaning of the universe God made me such, I am so much; I’m the center and the meaning of the universe.". Of course these lyrics came directly from Witness Lee's teachings regarding the church, and was actually one of the pillars of Lee's overall ministry. We were "becoming God in life and nature" after all.
Wow - I haven't thought about that song one bit for many, many years --- the Holy Spirit has never brought it up in my mind, like He does with so many other songs from way-back-when! I could not sing that song today.

While I understand that God made us in His image & likeness and has a wonderful and lofty purpose for regenerated man - much more than any of us know - to say that man is the center and meaning of the universe is going too far! It is not scriptural according to anything I've read in the Bible.

The gathering in Scottsdale certainly still sings some of the songs that came from LC sources, but that definitely is not one of them!
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