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Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
What caught my eye the most was your quip: "One could even say the church was the center and meaning of the universe". As you may know, there is/was (at least at one time) a song/hymn in which the opening stanza was "O I’m a man — I’m the meaning of the universe God made me such, I am so much; I’m the center and the meaning of the universe.". Of course these lyrics came directly from Witness Lee's teachings regarding the church, and was actually one of the pillars of Lee's overall ministry. We were "becoming God in life and nature" after all

You have to remember that the "center of the universe" was whatever Witness Lee was teaching this week. It changed from training to training, but apparently we were 'trained' or conditioned not to notice (or not to mention that we noticed).

I did a Google search on the key words and found these varied quotes.

Originally Posted by aron View Post
“Some years ago I read an article regarding the size of the universe published by an institute of astronomy. According to this article, two hundred forty million solar systems make one galaxy, and forty billion galaxies form the unique center of the universe. I believe the throne of God is located in this unique center.(Witness Lee, Basic Training p. 9)

“Revelation 22:1 says, “He showed me a river of water of life, bright as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb in the middle of its street.” The throne here is the center of the New Jerusalem. Every nation has a center. The center of a nation is its capital, the place where the central government is located. The New Jerusalem also has a center, which is the throne of God and of the Lamb.

According to the context of this portion of the Word, the throne of God and of the Lamb is the center of the New Jerusalem, on which the redeeming God, as indicated by the expression “God and the Lamb”, carries out His administration based upon His redemption, in His eternal kingdom in the new heaven and new earth, to keep everything in the universe in the order that serves His purpose.” (The Conclusion of the New Testament p. 2734)

The throne of God in the center of the New Jerusalem is the unique source of the life supply. It is by His administration that God dispenses Himself into us as life, as the life supply, and as the eternal, absolute, all-inclusive grace. His dispensing of Himself into us depends upon His administration.” (TCONT p. 4419)

The tree of life is the center of the universe. According to the purpose of God, the earth is the center of the universe, the garden of Eden is the center of the earth, and the tree of life is the center of the garden of Eden. We must realize that the whole universe is centered on this tree of life: nothing is more central and crucial to both God and man than this tree. It is very meaningful to see man in the garden standing before the tree of life.” (Life-Study of Genesis, p. 140)

“Looking at the plot plan of the temple compound, we can see that no matter through which gate we enter, we will arrive at the altar. When God comes from the temple to meet man, He likewise arrives at the altar. Therefore the altar is not only the center of the universe but also the meeting place of God with man and of man with God . . . the cross, therefore, is not only the center but also the circumference. . “ (Life-Study of Ezekiel, Msg 21)

"THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE - MAN" (Gospel Outlines, Title of Subject Three)

So, what's the center of the universe? The altar, or the tree of life, or the throne of God, or man? Answer: whatever Witness Lee needed it to be for that message. This was a ministry of expedience. Yet no one ever questioned these glaring contradictions. I could list many such examples - I just point out an obvious one.

All those messages in front of all those people. Yet nobody ever said, Wait a minute here . . . ??? Amazing, in retrospect.
All this suggested brainwashing, to me.
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