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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Is sin the actual fallen archangel? No. Is sin the virtual personification of the fallen archangel. Yes! What is the character of our fallen nature since the moment sin entered through disobedience? It is serpentine.

Scriptures are clear. Brother Lee was clear. It is Dr. Tomes and his followers who polarize Brother Lee's teaching.

My question would be this; if Satan is sin how is it possible that Lucifer sinned? Was Satan before Lucifer? Scripture teaches that Lucifer became Satan after he himself sinned against God.

Sin is what caused Lucifer's character or nature and subsequently his name to change.

Personification is the "embodiment" of a quality. Any certain quality needs a person for that person to be considered the personification of that quality. It could be said that Satan is the personification of sin rather than what you've stated because sin was not embodied before Satan. You're making sin a person and Satan a quality and that's completely backwards in logic and scripture.

This is also exactly the error Mr. Lee committed in his teaching equating Satan to sin. This teaching is dangerous because it essentially makes people "Satan in the flesh" and it would be hard for anyone to love an embodiment of Satan. This only works to provoke contempt for our fellow man. Remember that our fight isn't againt people but principalities in high places.
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