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Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
It's about meeting in one accord which does not necessarily mean a single location but typically does. If the 12 disciples at pentecost met in different places that would suggest they were not in one accord but had some disagreement between them. That is the situation today with denominations, baptist meet next door to Lutheran and their buildings are mostly empty there's no reason for them to not join together but they don't because they are different types of Christians.

Most denominations are not only not meeting in one accord to hasten the Lord's return, but also not praying for the Lord's return in a specific way on a regular basis like we do in the LC.
OK, so now you say it's about one accord and not about locations. Then what role does locality of city have in this one accord?

All believers in a particular city need to meet in one accord and there is no need to have one accord between different localities?
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