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I seem to recall that in almost every sermon by RK there was some disparaging remark made about an anonymous brother or sister; one was something like the brother was ostentatious, the sister was a butterfly, the elder was like a sumo wrestler on the front row. The effect was to cause me to start reviewing the saints in my locality to try and identify the offender. This seems to be a pattern with RK and I think it is close to stirring up contention and judgement. How is this part of the so-called "God's Economy"? Oh, my bad...junior MOTAs get a free pass.
I have noticed the same thing about RK. I have heard many messages where he referred to some anonymous person or situation that maybe somehow in his mind had become a big issue. I don't get it, because when people hear that, they naturally want to hear more details. Is he trying to stir up curiosity?
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