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Default Concepts

We've had our concepts. Some have become validated while others proven wrong.
One of my concepts proven wrong is in respect to Christians who have never touched the recovery. Being raised in the local churches, I was taught Christians outside the local churches are nominal believers. They may believe in God and they may have been saved, but the church life to them is one hour a week at best. Even as an adult I ceased meeting with the local churches on Sunday mornings simply because I could not tolerate negative un-checked prophesying aimed at non-recovery Christianity.

You know what, my concepts were shattered. That's why I could not tolerate the negative prophesying. I have had fellowship with Christians outside the recovery who are just as zealous for God's Word as many saints I've been around in the recovery. These dear saints are like lambs, like sponges ready and willing to receive the divine dispensing from the Holy Spirit.

Praise the Lord for shattered concepts. Praise the Lord, I was wrong.
So now in the home meetings whether it's on Friday, Saturday, or which ever night, why I come to the home meetings is not for a ministry, but for the building up of the Body in love.
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