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ZNP, do you think that the resuscitation of the Beast and the abomination of desolation coincide? Therefore, the rebuilding of the temple will precede this by a few years, and it will coincide with the peace pact they sign?
Well, we stray a little from precisely what the NT says clearly, so I won't say believe, but think.

I think the Antichrist will be a world figure that helps Israel rebuild their temple, and I think this will be ostensibly based on his interest in architecture. I expect this will be an unpopular position to take and might explain his assassination and resuscitation. So yes, it would be very possible that the resuscitation coincides very neatly with the dedication of the rebuilt temple.

I know some argue that the Temple is supposed to be a prefab building and so the construction can take place rapidly. I find it implausible that the construction could take less than 6 months, whereas the assassination and resuscitation should probably take a weekend.
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