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Default Re: Minoru Chen is filled with Witness Lee's spirit?

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
In my last post I really attempted to answer ByHisMercy on this topic of hiding identities using today's media as an example, but my post was edited/deleted.

I figured my example was more readily understandable to typical Americans than some obscure "guanxi network," which is totally foreign to our culture.

Best of luck, aron. After reading your many posts on this subject, the best I can say to describe the "guanxi network," is "hive mentality." Perhaps I am way off the mark, though.

I don’t think you’re off the mark at all. A “hive mentality”, a “collective”, a generationally established Chinese ancestral network (guanxi?), all seem to add up to one thing: a counterfeit Christian community. Of course, many, if not most of those in the Local Churches are true, born-again believers in Jesus. We know this.

The counterfeit? A ranking member with an apparent longstanding belief (and teaching his belief to others) that he is filled with the spirit of an “ancestor.” This is not only counterfeit but is heresy. Heresy that has apparently been taught openly in their meetings for quite some time by at least one “blended”.

The brilliance of it (a bad brilliance) seems to be that both sides of the matter, LC v. Former members, are left to duke it out over Lee’s flawed and failed “ministry” and its bad fruit. This is an argument that can, and probably will, never be resolved. This is a symptom of the real problem.

We can thank Minoru Chen for pulling back the curtain on the real problem...”the hive”. Curious connected these dots for us, as did you. As did Aron. We have been fighting the wrong battle. Witness Lee’s flawed and failed “ministry” pale in comparison to the undercurrent of the hive. Witness Lee’s ministry was/is only a vehicle to achieve an end that seemingly has little to do with building the church.

What then? One possibility, in his Old Way v. New Way topic, BoxJoBox told us about this:
“I looked the other day at their IRS 990T for 2018 and their asset book value of $100.7 million- I guess their business model works for them.“ (And they can’t refund the $$$ their Daystar investors lost!!!!)

So what is the LSM? A front company for the hive? What is Witness Lee’s “ministry”? A false flag?

Whatever is genuine in this whole matter is genuine because of God’s mercy; whatever is genuine is because of God’s anointing of his Word and the truth of his Word. There has no doubt been genuine and rich and eternal blessings poured out by God Himself. God blesses his people as he has done for centuries before Lee and his “family business” came on the scene. (The “family business”has new meaning, doesn’t it?)

My walk with the Lord really began when I heard the brothers sharing in the meetings in the early days. They were sharing the truth of God’s word that rings to this day. What came after those early days, I remember only as a lot of words. Repetitious hollow words.

So I guess now I’m in as much trouble, if not more, than Aron. It’s making sense to me.


PS: I’d like to read your example on “today’s media”.
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