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Default Re: Minoru Chen is filled with Witness Lee's spirit?

Originally Posted by Trapped View Post
My thought is that if Minoru is speaking at the semi-annual trainings, he is one of the blendeds, but of course, the co-workers just posted an article that says it's an "absurd notion" to ask for the names of the co-workers, so they would probably call it absurd to ask to know who is a "blended" too.

I would say Minoru is the worst at waxing poetic in every meeting about "our brother". The others mention Lee a lot too, but Minoru seems to be the most egregious at starting a lot of messages with Witness Lee before turning to the actual outline at hand.

Minoru says that he is full of Lee's spirit in the first ~50 seconds of the video. If you turn it up you can hear a few people saying amen, but it doesn't sound like many. (No one said anything contrary, though, of course.)

I think Unregistered's post was more saying that Minoru has been like this for a while. I don't think Unreg was saying they don't have a problem with it, just that Minoru presents himself well as polished, well-spoken, and intelligent. And if Minoru says something, he means it. Minoru knows how to charm an undiscerning crowd.

The shepherdingwords guys seems to be keeping an eye on what is being posted around the internet. Hopefully they will address Minoru's eye-raiser, but we know they will just defend it tooth and nail and blame anyone who has a problem with it, rather than being honest about how off the wall it is.
Thanks, Trapped. This helps. Interesting that you used the word “charm”. This carries its own connotation about how others are taken in by his heretical words.

This topic has been a real eye-opener for me. My next question is: how can a Christian talk like this? CAN a Christian talk like this?

I doubt I will ever be able to think of the Local Church, or “Witness Lee’s ministry” without this context. It actually explains a few things. For example:

* Using the same words differently...with different meanings.
* BP’s infamous (paraphrased) “You can’t be sanctified anywhere but in the LC.” “If you leave, your walk is over.” (Meaning: Your place in the “collective” is gone/over.)

Lee used to talk about the “garlic room” referring to becoming “nose blind” to the smell. This takes on a new meaning considering the “collective”. I don’t really know what to call it. I just know that it provides perspective on how such outrageous statements can be made and never called into question.

And, btw, regardless of any underlying cultural whatever, MC’s belief that the spirit of WL lives in him is demonic. He’s apparently a smooth talker, but this one crosses a line. Worse still, he’s teaching it as though it is Christian truth. Question is: why? Why does he say this? To what end? Why does MC think he needs to be filled with the spirit of Witness Lee? According to Aron’s comments, it seems that MC is tone deaf to the way this sounds to American Bible believing Christians.


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