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I got heavily involved and influenced by the group, largely because of pressure as they said I was 'useful to the Lord' and because I didn't want to ruin the oneness that they claim to have.
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The problem with the LCM is its view of things is so narrow (and ignorant) and they don't tolerate other views. So they are warped and you are bound to be warped by them. Example: Oneness doesn't mean you let some little group or its tin horn leaders control your life. Their teaching about "oneness" just turns out to be a way to control people. They'd never admit that, but it's true.
I never saw a ministry talk so much about oneness, and yet could never get along with anyone else, neither insiders nor outsiders. They talk oneness, yet are so very intolerant of others. Real oneness is oneness with the Lord Jesus, not with some demanding ministry. Real oneness is the fruit of love.

The problem with the LC's is not the many devoted brothers and sisters. The problem is with their ministry leaders. They demand a non-Biblical loyalty which can only be accomplished by a system of man-pleasing. Their oneness thus becomes an outward show in the flesh, rather than the inward oneness of the Spirit.
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