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Originally Posted by Trapped View Post
Shunning is obviously a characteristic of unhealthy churches, including the local church. It shows their relationship with you is entirely based on whether you subscribe to what they believe, or what they read, or who they follow, and whether or not you worship within the same four walls as they do.

But how have you dealt with it? How have you dealt with people who turn your backs on you.....except you know them so well you know where their forks go in their kitchen? And you know not to lean on the sink a certain way or else that hidden leak will re-appear? And you know not to step on that one tile in the corner because it has a crack just beginning to form that wasn't there years ago? And they've trusted you with all kinds of things in their life for years.

But all of a sudden you are a non-existent to them.

And then the ripple effect....the people who have no reason to shun you, but when you tell them others are shunning you, they take that as the cue to join in!
Trapped, are you still somewhat entrapped by the LC? I hope you are not still dealing with the effects of the LC shunning. I thought everything was behind us, until something happened this week to reconnect us with the woman who shunned us. (Not by my doing) Can you share where you are so to speak, with the LC, currently?
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