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Default Re: What a Lack of Increase Really Means for the LC

Originally Posted by Sons to Glory! View Post
Interesting thought, that is, if WL had "come clean" . . . It's always the subsequent cover-up that really gets people in trouble, isn't it? But sweeping problems under the rug merely causes them to fester and grow, and then it really upsets people so much more.

Personally, I didn't even know about Daystar until coming to the LC in Columbus in the early 80s. The Ohio churches, as has been discussed before, were a little removed and insulated from the west coast stuff. So it just seemed like a distant event that had little bearing on us. Of course, that was just the initial tip of the iceberg. But once again, the Lord came in to rescue and saved me out of things before they really hit the fan (in Columbus in the late 80s).
I found out about Daystar through what I read here, and that I think what made it so concerning was not so much what actually happened, but knowing this was the kind of stuff that they've been sweeping under the rug.

As a church kid, I was really made to believe that I was part of something special, that we had such a "rich heritage" etc, etc. When I realized that my experience didn't match up to that kind of talk, the first inclination was to try to figure out what I was doing wrong.

Then as I discovered all this past history, it really helped fill in the missing piece of the puzzle. What I mean by that is I stopped blaming myself. I mentioned earlier in this thread that in my locality, the elders really put us under a lot of condemnation for not bringing people into the LC, blaming us for the lack of increase. Then I come to find out about events like Daystar. Probably hundreds to thousands left at that time. Then it happened again in the late 80's. Then again with the midwest 15 years ago. Added up, the losses are massive.

Not only does the LC sweep these things under the rug, but any discussion of these things is off limits. So what you have is leaders who show no regard for the loss of thousands of members over the past couple decades, yet they are more than happy to go off on members for not having enough increase. It's completely absurd once you know the real history. Also, knowing all these things helps clarify where the movement is really headed.
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