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Default Re: Soul & Spirit - Same or Different?

Originally Posted by Jo S View Post
No, it's not necessary. I have twice already addressed your concern, StG. I however don't know why you felt the need to justify yourself. No one asked for your declaration but you're free to do so. I did that to demonstrate what answering THE TEST might look like when it's clear & to the point - I know Christ lives in me! (And giving a frequent witness to that fact is a good thing!)

I've addressed this once in your Poll thread:

Quote Originally Posted by Jo S:
If you are asking whether I know the Christ of scripture, then yes I do because I already know the counterfeit well enough. What is this!? You say you know Christ simply because you know the counterfeit? I don't think so. You know Christ by accepting Him to come live in you!

and also in your Island thread:

Quote Originally Posted by Sons to Glory!:
Does Christ live in you bro, and does He live through you?

Quote Originally Posted by Jo S:
Yes, of course. However, I say that with a caveat. Figuratively, (where does scripture say Christ lives in His believers figuratively?) Christ lives in me by the indwelling spirit of God which lives in him also. Jesus himself is in heaven as a glorified human being. If you mean in terms of the LC teachings of the indwelling Christ where an individual needs to continually "feed" on Christ in order for him to live in you as a spirit, then no. So it really depends on the meaning of the terminology used.
Yes, I read where you answered in the affirmative, but you also placed these extra caveats on your answers! It seems just declaring that Christ is in you is not good enough for you. Paul's "test" was real simple: Is Christ in you or not? No extra hoopla or fanfare. And you don't know Christ by knowing how bad the LC was. Come on!
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