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Default Re: Quote from today's Witness/Watchman Wednesday

Thanks Trapped, UntoHim & Jo S. I hear you . . . and I know starting down the road of trying to figure out if He's 3-in-1 or 1-in-3 or some variation, is a non-starter for me and I just see no profit in it. He is Who He is, and without revelation we can't . . . oh well, you hopefully get my point. No profit.

And UntoHim, you seemed to agree somewhat with Lee that much of Christianity skirts too much in the realm of tritheism (I tend to agree, for what it's worth), but as you also pointed out, Lee probably went too far toward modalism. Maybe so, but I don't care to spend too much of my very limited mental resources trying to discern how far WL actually went, and whether he stepped over some theological line in that particular regard. (at the Bema I don't believe any of us will be judged for whether we had a distorted view of the mysteries of God's Triune nature)
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