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Default Re: Why lc isn't apart of the breathen church?

So I pick door #2. Standing on anything apart from Christ alone, will produce division, and this includes standing on "truths" someone sees in scripture. As we've often said here, it's a supreme irony that the teaching that was supposed to promote true oneness in the body of Christ, became just another fleshly division. Something supposedly good, but again, apart from Christ alone it just makes for division.

Some day all these fleshly divisions will fall away, and we will experience full oneness in love, joy and peace - which is just the Lord Spirit! But it will be clear that it is Him that has done it, and not our according to any of our schemes. (and no, I don't know when that oneness will be manifested . . . in this age or the next. But it will be 100% of the Lord Jesus Christ when it happens)
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